Behind the Lens: Crafting Silence.

Welcome to the core of my creative world, where silence is my chosen language, and the lens serves as my narrative guide. Join me as I unveil the stories captured in each frame—a journey beyond words.

Art as Social Archive

I share the essence of my artistic philosophy—a belief that photography is a silent dance of pointing out. Discover how each deliberate gesture isolates fragments, giving life to living photographs that whisper tales of the world as it is and as I see it.

Ephemeral Realities

I invite you to explore the dynamic dimension of movement where overlays, sparkles, and unexpected analogies materialize. Witness the beauty in ephemeral realities as we navigate the hyperreal, presenting images of images in a double detachment from the tangible.


Years of Experience


Artworks Produced

Articles Written

Adrian Pelegrin: Exploring the Post-Photographic Dimension.

My creative process revolves around a thorough investigation of mass media’s capacity to shape new realities. My visual artwork takes a determined approach, focusing primarily on the use of archival videographic images derived from television broadcasts. I capture these images through the use of long-exposure photography and then manipulate them through the intricacies of digital post-production.

In my artistic journey, I draw inspiration from a diverse range of experimental photographers and artists. Each has left an indelible mark on the realm of artistic expression. I am captivated by Otto Steinert’s works due to their inherent subjectivity, which imparts a personal and introspective quality to the art form. My creative process is profoundly influenced by Edward Steichen’s commitment to pictorialism and its emphasis on aesthetic qualities. My exploration of borrowed images is inspired by Gerhard Richter’s approach to appropriation art, which challenges conventional notions of authorship and originality. In addition, Joan Fontcuberta’s innovative contributions to post-photography have expanded the possibilities for visual storytelling, leaving a lasting impression on my own work.

To complement my artistic influences, I draw from the vast body of critical theory that explores the intricate interaction between society and culture. Adorno’s aesthetic theories have given me invaluable insight into the transformative power of art and its relationship to society. My understanding of the sociopolitical implications of my artwork has been greatly influenced by Max Horkheimer’s instrumentalism, which examines the instrumental nature of culture and its capacity to sustain hegemonic systems. My examination of the mass media’s construction of new realities is guided by Jean Baudrillard’s examination of hyperreality, in which the boundaries between reality and simulation blur. In addition, Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction theory has enabled me to engage critically with the meaning-making processes underlying visual representations.

I employ paratactic writing techniques in my written reflections, drawing inspiration from literary luminaries such as Tristan Tzara and William Burroughs. The cut-up technique, pioneered by these forerunners, enables me to create unexpected juxtapositions and dissonant connections, allowing for a unique exploration of the themes and concepts inherent to my artwork. In addition, I enthusiastically embrace the opportunities presented by AI-assisted writing. This cutting-edge field enables me to hone my writing skills by incorporating, to my usual writing techniques, the most recent advances in artificial intelligence. This hybrid approach enables me to surpass conventional limitations and produce content that resonates profoundly with readers. Through the fusion of human creativity and technological innovation, I try to push the boundaries of artistic expression, generating texts that encourage further research.

In short, my artistic process revolves around the manipulation of archival videographic images captured using long-exposure photographic techniques and then edited digitally. Influenced by a variety of experimental photographers and artists, as well as philosophers and critical theorists, I intend to investigate how the mass media creates new realities. Through the use of paratactic writing techniques and the incorporation of AI-assisted writing, generating hybrid texts that inspire novel theories and encourage research, I hope to contribute through this multifaceted approach to the ever-changing landscape of art and its profound impact on society and culture.

Brief Biography: Shuttered Horizons, A Visual Odyssey

Allow me to introduce myself. I was born in the city of Barcelona, Spain, in 1980, and I spent my formative years in the town of Badalona. I discovered the captivating world of photography at the tender age of fifteen, and with an innate sense of curiosity and determination, I began a self-taught exploration about its laboratory techniques.

In 1998, my passion for the captivating image compelled me to pursue formal education in the art of visuals. My growth was fostered by Barcelona, a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage and artistic fervor. At the esteemed Institut Mare de Déu de la Mercè, I began an educational journey encompassing the realms of film, television, and photography.

In the year 2000, following the completion of my studies, a remarkable opportunity presented itself to me. I started working with the renowned photographer Rafael Vargas as both his assistant and as a skilled photographer in my own right. This relationship lasted for an impressive six years, during which time I gained invaluable insights, experiences, and an unwavering dedication to the craft.

The year 2006 marked a turning point in my artistic career, as I decided to embrace professional independence and enter the alluring world of advertising photography. My innate talent and unrelenting pursuit of excellence quickly garnered recognition, resulting in captivating assignments from globally renowned corporations and prestigious advertising agencies. This chapter of my life enabled me to realize my creative vision while demonstrating the power of visual communication in the commercial sphere.

In 2011, I found solace and inspiration in the tranquil embrace of a small town named Sant Cebrià de Vallalta, as the allure of the city began to wane. This idyllic setting served as the cradle for my ambitious art project, which was surrounded by nature’s splendor. Determined to develop a distinctive artistic voice, I spent countless years studying and investigating the conditions necessary to give life to my artistic vision.

In 2013, however, life, ever unpredictable, took an unexpected turn. The global economic crisis compelled me to seek new horizons, and as a result, I immigrated to Mexico. My temporary residences in Metepec and Toluca contributed to my development and provided me with a new perspective on the world. Playa del Carmen, a picturesque haven in close proximity to Cancun, captured my heart, however. In 2015, I made the decision to permanently settle in this enchanting locale, eventually attaining Mexican nationality and forging a profound connection to the region’s rich culture.

After eight years of introspection and intense reflection, I embarked in 2019 on the production of images for a monumental photographic project aptly titled “The Hyperreal Archive.” This ongoing project represents the culmination of my artistic explorations and serves as evidence of my unwavering commitment to the craft. I am fully immersed in obsessive studies, the generation of textual compositions, and the creation of poignant photographs, which I share with the world via this website.

Zoonosis: Mass Media, madness and disease.

New Photobook available as Limited Edition