I was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1980. I grew up in Badalona. At the age of fifteen I had the opportunity to discover photography and self-taught the laboratory technique and its foundations. In 1998, I started studies related to the image. I studied cinema, television and photography in Barcelona (CFGS Imagen, La Mercè). In 2000, when I finished my studies, I started working with the renowned photographer Rafael Vargas, working as an assistant and photographer for six years. In 2006, I made the decision to become professionally independent and embarked on my own path to dedicate myself to advertising photography. For seven years, I did assignments for internationally well-known companies and major advertising agencies, such as OgilvyOne Worldwide. This period was very fruitful, especially regarding the learning of the profession, since I tackled very diverse subjects and that gave me a deep understanding of photographic technique. In 2011, I decided to move away from big cities to live in a small town called Sant Cebrià de Vallalta. In 2013, due to the economic crisis, I decided to emigrate to Mexico. This was an important and key decision for my development. At that time I began to prepare an artistic project and spent two years reflecting on the conditions necessary to build my work; researching about art, philosophy and poetry. I lived one year in Metepec and another one in Toluca. In 2015 I moved permanently to Playa del Carmen (very close to Cancun) and soon after I obtained Mexican nationality. Today I am still engaged in the development of my artistic project; obsessively studying, writing and taking the photographs that I post on this website.


2016 – IPA Honorable Mention – Self-portrait: “Three states of my mind”. Link

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