Carbon Prints

The ever lasting photo printing system.


Where It All Began

Light is paradoxical in photography; it is, at the same time, both a friend and an enemy. Light creates the photograph but also destroys it with the passage of time. I have always been concerned about the short life of photographic prints and the instability of their colors, since it is common to see how printed photographs inevitably deteriorate over time if they have been exposed to light.

The use of silver halides in traditional photography and of aniline dyes for ink printings has been a major problem for artistic photography, since these elements have proven to be extremely unstable when exposed to the environmental influence of light and air. Although it is true that no work of art is eternal, the goal is to always try to make the work last for as long as possible.

Today, printing technologies and methods have notably improved the durability of photographic prints. Piezography is a high-resolution inkjet system capable of using a carbon-black pigment encapsulated in an acrylic polymer. This is a major breakthrough, because thanks to this system, printing can be accomplished with the greatest guarantees of quality and permanence.

In addition, important progress has been made in the development of new printing supports. This is crucial, since the life of prints is also related to the chemical composition of their supports. After years of research, one of the most discriminating manufacturers of today’s industry, the company Breathing Color, has managed to develop 100% cotton papers, free of acid and additives, which is essential in order to obtain images with high color stability.

Personally, I have decided to adopt these two technologies – Piezography and Breathing Color – for my photographic prints, since the possibility of using a natural pigment affixed on an organic support free of acid and additives is what produces the perfect combination of factors for the optimal preservation of my photographic work.


The paper

Pura Smooth™ is a Breathing Color’s paper especially designed for fine art photography. It has a weight of 300g/m², matte, white, with a very soft surface, perfect for high resolution prints. It is capable of producing very clear and precise detail with a great tonal range, quality and line contrast. This paper is made of 100% cotton fiber, free of acid and lignin, and without OBA’s (Optical Brightener Additives). It has the quality certificate of archival paper with a durability of more than 100 years. [More details…]