Photography must express what words can not express. Photography is not journalism nor literature. Photography is a mute art that becomes strong in silence. The photographer does not speak, the photographer just points out. To point out is to isolate and delimit the world. Things have no meaning in themselves, we give them order and structure. We do not see the world as it is but as we are. Taking pictures is always photographing a part of ourselves. A photograph defined in advance is a dead photograph. A living photograph is that which is created and actualized by gaze.


The artist

Adrian Pelegrin was born in 1980, in Barcelona (Spain). He started his professional career in the year 2000, when after finishing his studies in photography he had the opportunity to work at Rafael Vargas’ studio (Kodak award in 1989). After six years at the service of his mentor, he decides to venture solo and start his own career as a professional photographer.

Initially, he carried out commissions for world-renowned companies and advertising agencies, such as OgilvyOne Worldwide. After seven years making commisioned work, at the age of 33, he relocated to Mexico leaving behind his career in advertising photography.

Then he began his first serious artistic project in collaboration with the Spanish poet Christian T. Arjona. For this project, he spent five years reflecting on the necessary conditions to establish his new work; researching the subjects of art, philosophy and poetry.

Today, he continues to develop his artistic and personal projects; studying, writing about photography and creating the works displayed on this website.



2000 – Técnico Superior en Imagen (INS La Mercè, Barcelona).

Courses (MOOC platform: edX, Coursera):

2017 – How to write an essay (Berkeley, University of California).

2018 – Seeing through photographs (MoMA, New York).



2010 – XXVI Barcelona International Poetry Festival. Section: Enrenous. Projection and photographs of the series “Memento Mori” at Lletraferit, Coffee Shop. (Barcelona, Spain).

Get in touch

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